2023 Action Product Test World Tour

We Tested The Outdoor Squash Court

One of the Squash World Tour’s goals is to increase the number of squash courts worldwide. We aim public squash courts in all major cities to be build.

2022 Action World Tour

#teamyellow wins anniversary match in Tunis

We wanted to celebrate our anniversary in style. We chose Tunisia to be the 10th country to host a Squash World Tour match. A small step for mankind, a big…

Kristian Seiner, Peter Robic, Joel Gotsch, Florian Harca
2022 Action World Tour

Squash vs Racketlon & #teamorange continues Graz dominance

It’s already late August and to our shame we didn’t get a Squash World Tour match earlier this year. But better late than sorry! And we started 2022 with a…

2021 Action World Tour

Unique Squash Experience in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki in Greece was the destination of of choice for our latest Squash World Tour match. Why Thessaloniki? Reason was a business trip of mine and cheap flights, which make…

2021 Action World Tour

Umpire steals #teamyellow victory in Graz

Our second match 2021 was held in Graz on June 3rd during the Sport Austria Finals – a new sports format in Austria where more than 20 national sports federations…

Squash World Tour Dubai Design District
2021 Action World Tour

#teamorange the Squash Sheikh of Dubai

In 2021 the Squash World Tour made a big leap: we officially registered as non profit organization promoting the game of squash. Go ahead – check out our goals and…

2020 Action World Tour

Slovenia’s Squashland shines yellow

We started our probably last trip of the Squash World Tour 2020 pretty early –on September 26. At 8:30 I picked up Peter #teamyellow and our social media officer Jasmin…

2020 Action World Tour

Nail-Biter In Brno

I was really excited, after a long break the Squash World Tour was able to return to the court. Our first destination after the Corona-lockdown was Brno in the Czech…

2020 World Tour

Restarting the Squash World Tour

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted major sporting events across the globe. The squash world tour was no exception and it hit us right before finalizing the planning for a multi-day tour…

2019 Action World Tour

#teamyellow takes over the glass court in Salzburg

The day went well so far – I was happy to continue my streak of not losing a game in Germany. In 2017 we went to Berlin where I managed…