Projects & Cooperations

Wanna promote the game?

Let’s work together!

We want to provide value for our followers! You want to introduce a great product, service, venue, shop – or whatever helps the game – to the squash community? Feel free to contact us!

Below you can check out some of our former cooperations:

Newcomer Event

Together with the international operating booking platform Eversports we hosted an event for squash newcomers in winter 2018. We explained the basics of the game and started to play right away. What a great evening!

Check out the blog post to find out more about the event!

Product Testing

Product testing in cooperation with our partners

The so far most controversial product test was the Squash Ball Test we did in cooperation with the French Squash Online-shop my Squash. We also tested the Eye Racket S-Line Squash Shoes, the echo/2XP Squash Ball Buffer and – of course – our own tees!

If you want us to test your product, just tell us!

Special Campaigns

Testing all Squash Courts in Vienna

In cooperation with the Viennese Squash Federation – the Wiener Squash Rackets Verband – we tested all the squash courts in Vienna. We rated the clubs in five categories to provide value for local squash players and the federation.