Our Goals

Inspire people to play squash

We want to show how easy it is to start. We are the best example: you don't have to be a master to have a good time. Give it a try!

Promote the game

We are bringing Squash to the people: for example with #sightsquashing or cooperations with brands and organizations. Did you know Squash was named the healthiest sport back in 2003 by Forbes magazine? The public perception differs. We want to change that.

Increase the number of squash courts

More courts equal more players. we want to connect court builders and venues and we want to establish public Squash Courts in all major cities of the world.

Develop innovative squash projects

We are uniting people who love the game. Together we develop and try out ideas to make our sport more accessible.

Introducing new technology in squash

Let's face it: Squash has a bit of a fusty image. We want to change that by introducing new technologies to the game.

Establishing a Squash Emoji

The world communicates in Emojis. Let them talk about squash too!