2023 Action Product Test World Tour

We Tested The Outdoor Squash Court

One of the Squash World Tour’s goals is to increase the number of squash courts worldwide. We aim public squash courts in all major cities to be build.

2019 Product Test

The best Squash Tee in the world

Squash players all over the world know, that a Squash Tee matters supremely. We wanted to create the sophisticated, minimalist, impeccably tailored and most comfortable Squash Tee in the world….

Eye Racket S-Line Squash Shoes Test
2019 Cooperations Product Test

Eye Rackets S-Line Squash Shoe Test

The Eye Rackets S-Line Squash Shoes are very popular among squash players all over the globe. Pros like Karim Abdel Gawad, Paul Coll, Diego Elias, Declan James, Greg Marche, Miguel…

echo 2XP Squash Ball Buffer
2019 Cooperations Product Test

Testing the echo/2XP Squash Ball Buffer

Today we are testing a tool to refurbish used squash balls:  echo/2XP. We want to thank echosquash.com for providing the product for the test. Testing the Squash Ball Buffer The…

Squash Ball Test
2019 Cooperations Product Test

Squash Ball Test

We are starting the new year 2019 with a brand new section: product tests! Thanks to our partnership with the squash shop of our trust, my-squash.com we are able to…