Nail-Biter In Brno

I was really excited, after a long break the Squash World Tour was able to return to the court. Our first destination after the Corona-lockdown was Brno in the Czech Republic. From Vienna we took the Regiojet, a private operated train for only 14 Euro per person (both ways). Our plan was to arrive at noon, play our match at 1pm and leave to Vienna at about 7pm – plenty of time to do Sightsquashing and enjoying a winners meal. 


Preparation is everything

Everything worked out well, even Joel #teamorange was at the train station early (he lives very close by now). Wearing a face mask on the train was a bit uncomfortable, but it’s a good objective in current times. After arriving in Brno we walked to the squash club – EKS Center Brno. I asked a friend of mine who is fluent in Czech, to book our court and tell them about our mission in advance. Because reservations can be made only via phone, they accept only payments in cash – good to know! 


Two handicaps for #teamyellow

The center is in good shape, the courts are relatively slow and after a quick warm up we finally hit the court for warming up. I had taken one lesson with the former squash pro Clemens Wallishauser and tried to bring my new knowledge to the court. Joel, physically in the shape of his life, wanted to outrun me. Everything was set for a huge fight. But I had one handicap: my Dunlop Precision Ultimate racket frame broke during my last solo session some days earlier and I had to play with my spare racket, which is balanced totally different. Of course I didn’t tell! 

(My second handicap is my belly – #teamyellow has gained some weight) 

yellow belly

Game 1 went well for me, a solid 11-5 was a bit flattering as the rallies were very tough. During the break I already felt a bit tired. I simply wasn’t used to this kind of physical stress anymore. In game 2 I was late for every other ball, #teamorange produced less errors and it was a much closer call. I already felt very tired, I could barely move and my racket felt like a dumbbell. I tried everything to win the game but unfortunately I lost it 12-14 in the Tie Breaker. Tough times coming… 

In the break I ate a banana and an energy bar. But I didn’t feel any energy coming back… Game 3 started even better for Joel: He took an early lead and at 10-6 had 4 game balls. I tried to focus on my footwork and simply to avoid stupid mistakes. Point after point I played very solid and somehow came back #teamorange was not 100% concentrated and I took advantage of it! Game 3: 12-10 #teamyellow! What a comeback! 

Psychological warfare

I was thrilled – coming back after being 6-10 down gave me a lot of confidence. But my arm was still tired. Sooo tired! So I thought, let’s try the head light racket (although the frame is broken) and see what happens. In game 4 I took my Dunlop and I couldn’t produce any length. #teamorange destroyed me, being down 2-10, losing the game 4-11. I knew I had to take the other racket and I decided to tell Joel that I had to play with a different racket and I just played a game with a broken racket… Psychological warfare! Maybe that made him think… 


Amazing run

In the decider I felt the energy coming back, the banana and the bar finally kicked in! I had a great 6:0 start and I felt that the #teamorange resistance was broken. I had great length in my strokes and a lot of confidence for the drop shots. The result: 11:3 for Peter #teamyellow in the 5th! 


What a streak

Prolonging my winning streak to 4 international matches in a row, over 3 years is an amazing feeling! The best thing about it: the winners meal! We went to a very nice location in the city center to have burgers – they were amazing! Of course we washed it down with a Czech Lager. Life is good! 

Squash World Tour saves Brno!

But our duties were not completed yet! As you probably know, there is a terrible dragon threatening the city of Brno – authorities asked us for help as they had now ideal how to deal with supernatural beasts… And as you probably know: with our Squash World Tour tees you feel like a super hero, so we put them on and evicted the beast with our squash rackets! Brno is free! 


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After that we did some #sightsquashing at a sculpture for Thomas Edison and the Church of St. Peter & Paul – to spread the word about squash!