The coronavirus pandemic disrupted major sporting events across the globe. The squash world tour was no exception and it hit us right before finalizing the planning for a multi-day tour through some neighboring countries.
As so many others we had to adapt our lives and training. #teamyellow took the chance to work on his cardio. #teamorange focused on his strength, power and hairstyle.

Fast forward to mid of June, decreasing infection rates in wide parts of the world made it possible for the Formula 1 to be the first international sports league to return – with two races in Austria. There will be strict safety measures for all people involved and no spectators on track.


Formular 1 followed by the Squash World Tour

That made us think: We are an international sports league with it’s spectators following the events exclusively via social media. We have the lowest possible number of people involved in a sporting event of international relevance. And as the sports fans all around the world are craving for their stars to return, we will jump in and bring the Squash World Tour back!

We are not quite sure yet how that will work out. In a lot of countries squash is still banned because of the nature of the game where a permanent distance between to players can not be granted. In Austria vom July 1 it’s allowed to play matches again! For sure we always want to follow the local restrictions to stop the pandemic. Currently we are evaluating our options. We are looking into the situation at the neighbor countries of Austria. Our favorites: countries we haven’t yet visited: Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. But for our first match 2020 we will visit a country we have already been to – but a different city!

#teamorange is preparing in the Tyrolean mountains…

… while #teamyellow is preparing on court

Stay tuned for further news!