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Making Squash great again

We love the game! Squash is an amazing sport – but unfortunately in many countries (including Austria where we are from) it is not as popular as it should be in our opinion. We funded the Squash World Tour as non profit organization with the goal to promote the game of squash.

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We want to lead by example and share the fun we have on court. We chose our colors orange and yellow to spread positivity on the squash court. We want to empower people to join the Squash World Tour and promote squash within their community. Only together we can MAKE SQUASH GREAT AGAIN!

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How it all began

In the Sauna after one of our epic battles on the squash court we came up with the idea to travel the world and play a match in each country we visit. To spice things up, we came up with simple rules to make it more interesting:

  • We play regular squash matches, best of five games against each other.
  • Whoever wins a match (3:0, 3:1, 3:2 games) scores one Squash World Tour Point.
  • Whoever has the most Squash World Tour Points at the end of the year, is the annual winner.
  • The next match has to take place in a different country than the previous.
  • The one of us who organizes the trip, can do that according to his own preferences.
  • The loser pays for food and drinks after the match.

Meet the team

Peter Robič
Peter Robič
Joel Gotsch
Joel Gotsch
Vize President - Finance
Jasmin Primus
Jasmin Primus
Vize President - Development

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Our Adventures

After each match one of us writes a blog post. Check out our memories of all our matches – since 2017…

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