2022 Cooperations

Introducing SquashLevels

You can now join an international squash-ranking. If you are interested in getting ranked on SquashLevels, the Squash World Tour has you covered. Find out more:

2022 Projects

Family Squash Concept

The Squash World Tour developed the Family Squash Concept. It basically means: bring your kids to a squash lesson with a coach and play squash yourself!

2021 Cooperations

Squash World Tour brings Europahalle on the Squash map

The Squash World Tour was invited to officially inaugurate the squash courts at Europahalle in Vienna, Austria on December 17th 2021.

2021 Action World Tour

Umpire steals #teamyellow victory in Graz

Our second match 2021 was held in Graz on June 3rd during the Sport Austria Finals – a new sports format in Austria where more than 20 national sports federations…

2020 Action World Tour

Nail-Biter In Brno

I was really excited, after a long break the Squash World Tour was able to return to the court. Our first destination after the Corona-lockdown was Brno in the Czech…

2020 World Tour

Restarting the Squash World Tour

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted major sporting events across the globe. The squash world tour was no exception and it hit us right before finalizing the planning for a multi-day tour…

2019 Action World Tour

#teamyellow takes over the glass court in Salzburg

The day went well so far – I was happy to continue my streak of not losing a game in Germany. In 2017 we went to Berlin where I managed…

2019 Product Test

The best Squash Tee in the world

Squash players all over the world know, that a Squash Tee matters supremely. We wanted to create the sophisticated, minimalist, impeccably tailored and most comfortable Squash Tee in the world….

2019 Action Vienna Edition

#teamorange wins in new outfit

Far far away The final stop of the Vienna Edition was the Sportpark Süßenbrunn, previously part of the Club Danube chain. It takes a while to get to the outskirts…

2019 Action Vienna Edition

A day and a court to forget for #teamyellow

For the Viennese Squash Rackets Federation, the Wiener Squash Rackets Verband, WSRV we are visiting all squash courts in Vienna. It’s called the WSRV – Squash World Tour – Vienna Edition. We…