2022 Cooperations

Introducing SquashLevels

You can now join an international squash-ranking. If you are interested in getting ranked on SquashLevels, the Squash World Tour has you covered. Find out more:

2021 Cooperations

Squash World Tour brings Europahalle on the Squash map

The Squash World Tour was invited to officially inaugurate the squash courts at Europahalle in Vienna, Austria on December 17th 2021.

Eye Racket S-Line Squash Shoes Test
2019 Cooperations Product Test

Eye Rackets S-Line Squash Shoe Test

The Eye Rackets S-Line Squash Shoes are very popular among squash players all over the globe. Pros like Karim Abdel Gawad, Paul Coll, Diego Elias, Declan James, Greg Marche, Miguel…

echo 2XP Squash Ball Buffer
2019 Cooperations Product Test

Testing the echo/2XP Squash Ball Buffer

Today we are testing a tool to refurbish used squash balls:  echo/2XP. We want to thank echosquash.com for providing the product for the test. Testing the Squash Ball Buffer The…

Squash Ball Test
2019 Cooperations Product Test

Squash Ball Test

We are starting the new year 2019 with a brand new section: product tests! Thanks to our partnership with the squash shop of our trust, my-squash.com we are able to…

Squash beginners Event in Vienna
2018 Action Cooperations

Our first Squash Event in Vienna

Recently Joel #teamorange and myself #teamyellow could host our first event for friends and fans of the Squash World Tour. Via social media many sports enthusiasts applied, thanks to Eversports…

Squash World Tour meets Lukas Windischberger
2018 Action Cooperations

Squash World Tour vs. Top Player

Joel #teamorange and myself #teamyellow are squash buddies for about 10 years now. In 2017 we started our Squash World Tour – the venues change, but the opponent remains the…