The Squash World Tour developed the Family Squash Concept. It basically means: bring your kids to a squash lesson with a coach and play squash yourself!

Increasing the number of squash players is one of our main goals. We talked to coaches and center managers about their challenges and identified a problem we want to address: 

Problem: The lack of juniors taking squash lessons

The squash community is getting older. Most active players are part of the late Generation X (1970-1980) and early Generation Y (1981-1990). As the squash players are having families, they have other priorities than playing squash on their own. But why aren’t their kids playing? The simple answer: because their parents don’t sign them up for squash lessons.  

Family Squash Concept makes parents choose squash 

It’s the current Zeitgeist that parents escort their kids everywhere. Most likely it’s not appealing for parents to wait for their kids in grubby squash centers. For active parents there are many options available: if they go to a climbing hall for example the whole family can do sport on their individual level.

We think, squash clubs should address the phenomenon and offer lessons for kids – and at the same time get the parents playing on another court. The kids should work with a skilled coach,  the parents may have a host – for example a club player – to play with them and coordinate the hour and give some tips.

We tried out our concept with some of our members. Both kids and parents were thrilled.


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Introduce the Family Squash Concept to your club

Our concept of getting families all together to the squash center worked. Give it a try too! Ideally the children work with a high level coach, while the parents can play with a club player in the meantime. What also worked out great: parents and children can play games together for an even greater family experience.

It works for younger kids as well

What’s also great: The Family Squash Concept even works for families with smaller children that are sometimes afraid of not having their parents around. When the kids know, that mum and dad are in the next squash box, it makes the session easier for them. And the parents can have some fun too!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out