As we announced on our social media channels, we are cooperating with the Viennese Squash Federation, the Wiener Squash Rackets Verband, WSRV. Their leader board asked us to play all courts in Vienna to show the squash-community in Vienna where to go. So we came up with the idea of the WSRV – Squash World Tour – Vienna Edition. As we want to provide value, we are going to rate all the clubs in five categories: booking, reachability, facilities, court, price.

The second match of the WSRV – Squash World Tour – Vienna Edition marks the return to where our squash career started about 10 years ago. Back in the days at a Racketlon tournament at Tennis Point Vienna we discovered our passion for the game of squash. Thanks to an invitation by the organizers of the 12th Austrian Open in Racketlon, we had a familiar setting. Great memories!

I knew what to do

Entering the facility I saw a beautiful short (with orange design elements of course) which I simply had to buy! And because I forgot mine at home…

The crowd was huge, as the best Racketlon players in the world participated in the tournament today, World number 1 Christine Seehofer, European Champion Rav Rykowski and many more. The later runner up Luka Penttinen made us wait, as he took some extra time on the squash court. But after a short delay we started our match. I won our warm up game, so I had the privilege to serve and tried to use it right away – with little luck. #teamyellow took training lessons on Monday and he was prepared for everything. I had watched a lot of squash videos, so I knew exactly what to do. Unfortunately, knowing what to do without having the abilities proofed to be not enough.

Tough conditions

After being 0-5 behind, advancing 6-5 through a lot of running and sliding (due to the slippery court), I could hold the game open quite some wile, but in the end Peter took the first game 12-10. He also started great into the second game, hitting the nick a few times. It was a demonstration of his skills and soon #teamyellow took the game 11-5.

During the break I took the time to readjust my brand new shoes, the Eye Rackets S-Line Squash Shoes, which My-Squash thankfully provided. Besides the great color match to my outfit, they were comfortable. But it was a big mistake to use them right away in a Squash World Tour battle. Again, something to learn from #teamyellow who did that in his training session earlier this week.

2-0 overall lead for #teamyellow

Peter also played well in the third game. I started to get a better touch now and could also surprise him a few times. I saw he got tired. But in a few critical moments he was able to play shots with great length, hitting the knick or making me run for every ball after.

In the end I also missed some chances to make the point – I was simply not at my best today. #teamyellow took the close game 11-9 and thus won the second match of the WSRV Squash World Tour Vienna Edition 3-0, giving him a 2-0 overall lead.

Our rating

BookingOnline via Eversports with check of availability and online payment, or booking via phone. 5 of 5 stars.

ReachabilityErdberg is easily reached from the city center, from there it’s an 8 minute walk. Nice warm up. 3,5 of 5 stars.

FacilitiesA Shop to buy equipment, a decent restaurant and a sauna. Nothing to add here. 5 of 5 stars.

CourtSlippery and a huge nick. And on the so called centre court there are some bumps and loose panels. Walls (back walls all glass) and tin however are in good condition. 2,5 of 5 stars.

Price20 Euro for one hour of squash is reasonable but not a steal in our opinion. 3 of 5 stars.


4 stars for Tennis Point Vienna!

Website: , booking-link (Eversports), Phone number for booking: +431 79 999 97