As we announced on our social media channels, we are cooperating with the Viennese Squash Federation, the Wiener Squash Rackets Verband, WSRV. Their leader board asked us to play all courts in Vienna to show the squash-community in Vienna where to go. So we came up with the idea of the WSRV – Squash World Tour – Vienna Edition. As we want to provide value, we are going to rate all the clubs in five categories: booking, reachability, facilities, court, price.

Something official

We chose the Club Danube Ottakring to be the first Venue of the WSRV Squash World Tour Vienna Edition. It was a conscious decision because before we started our Squash World Tour in 2017, we played our last unofficial match there. And it was also the club of our choice to play some exhibition matches, for example on World Squash Day 2017. We thought: why not do something official here too!?

A yellow day

As always, Joel arrived last at the venue. I was already warmed up, the team was ready too – but #teamorange took his time. He has won the last three matches on the Squash World Tour in a row and was obviously not taking it as serious as usual, I think. Great! On court I had a good touch in our 10 warm up points. I knew today could be my day!

Some first times…

In the first game I was not at 100 percent – yet. Both of us made some terrible errors, I just made more of them. In the end #teamorange took game one! For the first time in Squash World Tour history I lost the opening game 9:11! Fun fact: It didn’t bother me. I stayed calm. I knew, I was dominating the rallies and I knew I just had to keep it up to turn things around. I could see in his eyes, Joel was already thinking about his winning pose. But not today, buddy!


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Another premier tonight: we played for the first time with squash goggles! my-squash provided us with awesome squash goggles from Tecnifibre! We both liked them a lot – we got used to it really fast, they didn’t bother us at all. After 1,5 hours of play with us sweating a lot – the goggles only fogged up a little.

Highest point difference ever

In game two things went my way. I played an almost perfect game, shooed #teamorange around and won 11:2 – the highest point difference ever in a Squash World Tour game! Game three started in the same manner: I was 5:0 up, but #teamorange came back and even took a 6:5 lead! It din’t matter to me! I was surprised by my mental stability – I could have dealt with anything at that point. We went into a Tie Break, and after saving a game point I took game three 14:12. The fourth game was close. #teamorange threw everything he had at me. He activated his turbo – ran like crazy and hammered the ball harder than the hole time before. I had to fight for every ball, one dive secured me an important point. Maybe that was too much for my fellow today! After saving another game point at 9:10 down in the fourth, I came through 13:11.

A good win for #teamyellow! I’m happy taking the lead in the WSRV Squash World Tour Vienna Edition! Unfortunately there will be a separate ranking, the annual Squash World Tour ranking will not be effected by the Viennese results.

Our rating

Booking: Is only possible via phone, no online-booking. But on the website you can find out if there are free courts. That’s why we award 3 of 5 stars.

Reachability: The underground line U3 is stopping in front of the center. But it’s far from the city centre. That’s why we award 4,5 of 5 stars.

Facilities: It’s nice, clean, spacious, the stuff is friendly, there is a good restaurant. A solid 5!

Court: The courts are a bit outdated. There are glass-back-walls – very good. The walls (on most courts) are still in good shape. The floors are the problem: They are very dirty – caused by players with black soles. And a wipe would also be a good idea! The result: it’s slippery! And the nick is sometimes more than 2 centimeters wide… That’s why we award 3 of 5 stars.

Price: 24 Euro for one hour of squash in our opinion is a bit overpriced for the quality of the court. Considering the cost-benefit-ratio, we award 2 of 5 stars.


3,5 stars for Club Danube Ottakring!

Website: , Phone number for booking: +431 786 26 00