As you may have noticed, we have been busy recently playing the Vienna Edition of the Squash World Tour. We are testing all the squash courts in our home town of Vienna in cooperation with the Viennese Squash Federation, the Wiener Squash Rackets Verband. But we managed to schedule our last international match of the year on December 2nd. 

Accurate planing 

I’m still a bit afraid of #teamorange organizing a trip, after he chose to go by bike to Bratislava in 2017. That’s why again I took responsibility and planed another very time efficient trip: Our train leaving at 9:10 am at the main train station in Vienna, arriving at 10:04 in Břeclav. On our way to the squash center we would stop for some #sightsquashing at the Modern St. Wenceslas Church and later head on to the squash center. From 11 to 12 our match was scheduled. Then we would have another hour to shower and get back to the train station where our train back would leave at 12:55, being back at 1:49 pm in Vienna. 

Břeclav has all you need

Looking out for new venues, Břeclav surprised us! The town right behind the Austrian-Czech boarder has only about 25.000 residents. Most would not expect a squash center with two squash courts – but there is one: Squash Relax Sport! They are active on Facebook, offer online booking and are just a 20 minute walk away from the railway station.

#teamorange just on time

As usual: Just before the train to Břeclav left, #teamorange jumped in. Right away he told us why he wasn’t at his best today. I do not recall the reason – but I according to his stories he was never at 100 percent at a Squash World Tour match. However, I was prepared! I am immune to his psycho games…

Arriving in Břeclav we headed to our #sightsquashing location, the Modern St. Wenceslas Church. For the first time we did #sightsquashing in winter – it worked out pretty well! I think that will become a thing!

After that we went on to the squash center, arriving there about 20 minutes early. „Let’s get in“, I thought – but the door was locked! #teamorange rubbed his hands with satisfaction: „Because you organized the trip, it is your foult that it is closed and therefore I win!“ But only minutes later, the receptionist arrived in her brand new Škoda and opened the door! 

Closed Doors…

Again a good start

The Squash Relax Sport center is really nice, the courts are modern with walls made of wooden panels. A bit different to play than the classic walls we are used to and a bit louder. Because it was quite cold outside – and inside as well – the ball did not jump as high as usual. The floor was also a bit slippery. I adapted well and cruised through the first game, taking it 11-7 with my third game point. Game 2 was similar: I never felt in danger of losing it – even though I could not produce enough length. But my drops worked out fabulous: 11-7!

In game 3 I felt a bit tired and #teamorange smelled it! He knows how to be there on point! It was a close call, but saving only one game point was not enough and I lost 9-11. Game 4 was on the razor’s edge! A beautiful catch earned me a match point – and I only needed one to secure the victory: #teamyellow bt. #teamorange 3-1: 11-7, 11-7, 9-11, 11-9. 

Two winners 

After losing three international matches in a row against #teamorange it was my turn again! Unfortunately the international season is over and with only two wins in 2018 I did not manage to repeat my success of 2017 where I won the annual race! Thats why we have two winners today: #teamyellow winner of the last Squash World Tour match 2018 and #teamorange winner of the Squash World Tour 2018 annual race! 

In the end I want to mention the kind gesture of the receptionist who took us by car back to the railway station! Thank you! That’s why I love the squash community so much!