We are cooperating with the Viennese Squash Federation, the Wiener Squash Rackets Verband, WSRV.  We are testing all the courts in Vienna on the WSRV – Squash World Tour – Vienna Edition. As we want to provide value, we are rating all the clubs in five categories: booking, reachability, facilities, court, price.

After the cheapest court in Vienna, the most expensive one was our battlefield this time: Manhattan Fitness Nord. The club is great, more about that later…

I needed only 3 more games to secure the first yellow triumph of 2019. I didn’t want to leave something to chance, so I was there half an hour early. I took the time to become acclimatized and warmed up properly. At 7:30 I started hitting balls – #teamorange still wasn’t in sight.

About 10 minutes later – I was already at operating temperature, Joel finally arrived. “I underestimated the distance from the U-Bahn station” he said. As usual he wanted to start quite fast with our warmup points; actually he wanted to play a whole game instead of our usual 10 points. “It would also be a good idea to play best of 7 games” he suggested. Classic #teamorange mind games

I agreed to extend to play a whole warmup game instead of only 10 points. As I played for the first time in years without my knee bandage, I thought it would help me too. Joel won and earned the right to serve.

Right from the beginning I was able to take a comfortable 8:3 lead, but #teamorange managed to equalize the score. It was pitched battle until the end – which was better for #teamyellow: 13-11. In game 2 I was able to take the lead and not lose it once: 11-9. The quality of our match wasn’t as high as in Erdberg, but we had some decent rallies.

Now the table was set! I knew I needed only one more game to secure the overall win on the Vienna Edition. After the break I came back on court and played some of my best shots right away. For #teamorange on the other hand nothing seemed to work as planed… I secured game 3 with 11-8 and raised my fist to celebrate.

Personally I’m happy about the victory – and the result of 3-0. #teamyellow is now the Squash World Tour Champion of Vienna! Even more satisfying than the result is the fact that I did not wear my knee bandage.

Of course we will play all the remaining courts in Vienna as well to find out and tell you what they are like!

Our rating

BookingOnly possible via phone. On the website it isn’t even promoted that there are squash courts. 2 of 5 stars.

ReachabilityComing there by public transport is a bit tricky and it takes about 10 minutes walk from the U-Bahn station Spittelau or from the tram station Rampengasse. 3 of 5 stars.

FacilitiesOn several floors there is a well equipped fitness center, there are great wellness facilities and they even have sponsored hygiene products. There is a shop, a bar and extremely friendly stuff. The obvious result: 5 of 5 stars.

Court3 of their 6 courts have been renovated recently, so there are no bumps or holes. We played on one of the renovated courts. But unfortunately the walls stained the ball – we never experienced that before. The nick is also quite big. The lighting is good and the court is clean and generally speaking in good condition. But for the price we would expect an even better experience. 4 of 5 stars.

Price40 Euro is by far the highest price for one hour of squash in Vienna. 1 of 5 stars.


3 stars for Manhattan Fitness Nord!

Website: www.manhattan.at , Phone number for booking: +43 1 3687311