After taking an early train from Vienna to Salzburg we took our time to enjoy a breakfast and of course some #sightsquashing in the marvelous birth town of Mozart.

#sightsquashing Salzburg
#sightsquashing Salzburg

Next stop Germany

Soon after that we took the train to Freilassing in Bayern, Germany, only a few minutes away from Salzburg. As we were tight on schedule (a second match was set up later that day), we already warmed up a little bit in the train – still in Austria. This was the first time we warmed up for a squash match in a country different from the one we played the match. Kinda cool. Actual game. Kinda cool.

We walked from the Freilassing train station to the Sportpark Freilassing and went straight on court. I felt good after a quite long pause and the training on Monday with Peter where we played on the same level. And going into the first game of the Squash World Tour 2019 season, this balance reflected in none of us being able to gain a significant lead. The level of play was high. In the tiebreak however #teamyellow had the longer breath and took the game 13:11.

I still felt good going into the second game, feeling physically fine and on the well maintained court in weird colors there was no significant nick visible – which is always a good thing when playing #teamyellow! And so the battle continued and again Peter was able take the game – this time 11:9.

Now while still feeling good physically, #teamorange was cornered and I had to attack more. Unfortunately, this didn’t pay off either as #teamyellow also secured the third close game with 11:9.

Let’s go on the glass court!

Germany seems not to be a good soil for me, as I lost our match in Berlin in 2017 in straight games as well. I felt like the glass court match later on that day would be quite favorable for me as I was still feeling great and was quick on the feet! Plus there is my perfect score on glass courts of course – I won in Vienna and Graz!