To be honest, I just wanted to relax and chill this weekend on Viennas beloved Donauinsel. A great place to lose some of my Austrian paleness, read a book and periodically enjoy the fresh water to cool down. Just in case you can grab an ice cream or a cold Radler…

Too many social events took place the last couple of weeks, and, more importantly, no training at all. My precious 2:1 lead is at stake. Should I risk it and sit in a train instead of laying on Donauinsel?

But #teamyellow has other plans. He went home early from yesterdays wedding of a friend to be ready for the showdown today. How pathetical… After some back and forth the decision is final: we are heading to beautiful Győr! Never heard of it? It’s the closest city in Hungary which offers a squash court.

The train ride already was a small adventure . It wasn’t easy to get a free seat and so we had to split up. Arriving in Győr, we found a wonderful small city. Especially wonderful because our #sightsquashing location (the local town hall) and the squash court were only a few hundred meters from the railway station.

Sightsquashing at the Győr townhall
Warming up in front of the Győr Townhall
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After the #sightsquashing we aimed to our squash court location. And what a location it was!

Entrance room of the Hotel/Squash Club
Chilling right before the match at the Hotel/Squash Club

The Golden Ball Club is beautiful hotel with great squash courts in the cellar! And we paid only € 6,50 for the whole hour of our battle!

Let’s play!

Finally, the battle is on. I had the right to start the match – and bang 0:1. Due to the high temperatures and the perfect squash court floor, the ball bounced pretty high and therefore the rallies got pretty long. It was an intense game with high quality points by both players. Eventually, after saving two game points of #teamorange, Peter takes the first game 13-11.

Good start for #teamyellow
Good start for #teamyellow

The heat made it really tough for two intense sweaters as we are. We couldn’t keep up with fluid intake and suffered a lot. Seemingly, #teamyellow suffered more and after the battle in the first game, he gave away game two with a lot of mistakes 4:11.

But equalizing was not enough for #teamorange today. With some battle, I managed to take the lead after winning the third game 11:8. I have to mention, that #teamyellow showed great sportsmanship in all close situations. One of those where I missed a shot because I touched Peter with my racket in my backswing.

The fourth game was a big fight again. Peter lead 10:8 already but I could manage to fight back, with match point at 11:10 for #teamorange. But #teamyellow wasn’t giving up and with nice shots he again took the close game with 13:11.

A bit tired and sweaty
A bit tired and sweaty

One could see the effect of the last 4 games on the first glance when looking at us. But the battle wasn’t over yet! One more game to find out who still had it in him!

I started out great. leading 5-1, playing aggressively and varying my serve, moving #teamyellow from corner to corner and waiting for his tiredness to take effect. And there it was: a 10:4 lead!

I thought, let’s end it in style – bad idea!

A service error lead to 10:5 and when serving himself, #teamyellow put up a lot of pressure and suddenly found the wall and the corners. I was getting nervous. At 10:8 I managed to get a good return and an open fight evolved. Neither of us was in the mood for presents. But the heat and the long rallies had taken their toll and finally Peter made an error and we both were happy that the fight had an end.

It’s over!

The final score

#teamorange wins 3:2 (11:13, 11:4, 11:8, 11:13, 11:8) 

It’s 3:1 on the Squash World Tour 2018 for me now. The highest lead ever by any player in a given year! #teamorange is on a streak of 3 consecutive wins!

Give me the trophy!

To celebrate, we went to a nice restaurant in the area, the most expensive one (as #teamyellow has to pay). And after a nice salad for all of us – including our social media crew – I ordered my ice cream/winner trophy.

Trophy for #teamorange
Trophy for #teamorange

It was a real pleasure here in Hungary! Kisses to my supporters out there :*