We hear the question a lot. Today you get the answer:

Some time ago we talked to a mental coach about the power of positive thinking. He told us how small things can impact our mindset. One of the most important things he mentioned was the power of positive surroundings. Positive people are very important, but they cannot always be there by your side. In sports, there is only one thing that is with you all the time: your clothes!

It’s good for you, wearing clothes with positive colors to have something positive with you all the time!

Positive colors

Orange stands for enthusiasm, fun, fascination, health. Yellow is associated with happiness, optimism and energy. All positive connotations – all things that are part of our beloved sport of squash!

We need you!

Wearing positive colors is good for you individually. But our idea goes further: We want to give squash a positive connotation all over the world. But we can’t do it alone – we need you! Whenever a picture or a video of a person playing squash is taken, the person should wear positive colors, like orange and yellow! You can be that person! Become part of the greatest squash movement ever: Put on an orange or yellow shirt next time you go on the squash court, post a picture or video of you and tag the @squashworldtour #squashworldtour

You don’t necessarily need to buy our tees or tanks – any orange or yellow shirt will do the trick! But if you want to support us, we would be more than happy! Until October 31st the shirts are on sale for only €20,- each!

tee #teamyellow
tee #teamorange
tank #teamyellow
tank #teamorange

Become part of this movement to make squash extremely popular all over the world! Let’s bring positivity to our beloved sport! Because with a positive attitude, anything is possible!