It’s 11 am and Peter, his girlfriend Jasmin and I meet in Vienna to begin our trip to Bratislava. I am hung over from last night’s party and have muscle ache from the workout two days before. Getting old is shitty. Good thing I have a plan to humiliate Peter despite his long sleep and better recovery after workouts.

The rules clearly state that the person responsible to organize the trip can do that according to his preferences. Well, I was organizing this trip and really looking forward to a nice burger paid by #teampeter #teamyellow. To make that happen, I just had to make sure he barely can move when we arrive there. A nice 3 hour cycling-tour should do the job.

So there we were. Excited (for a free burger) me, happy Jasmin and not so happy Peter. Rules are rules. We headed to Bratislava and after a few kilometers I already knew my plan was working. While he got slower and slower, Jasmin had a fun time taking pictures of us and I was thinking about which burger I would order later. Cheeseburger. Big. With Jalapenos. Mhmmm…

On the Donauradweg
The first few kilometers Peter did a pretty good job on the bike. This changed after about an hour…

After a quick stop at McDonalds for a strategic energy supply, we arrived at the squash court/ fitness center. It was a nice quiet place, about 3 people in the fitness center, nobody playing squash – perfect conditions. At the counter, a guy who had clearly passed his best age asked us if we had reserved a court. We look at 4 empty squash courts, back to him, “of course we did, we wrote an e-mail”. He clicks around a little bit… “Ahhh yeah. Reservation by e-mail is not possible. You have to call number. Last time e-mail!”. I love the Slovak charm.

Dealing with Slovak charm after 3 hours of cycling

Feeling lucky he accepted our e-mail reservation, we started to warm up and began the first match of the squash world tour. I won the right for the first service.

I made the first point of the Squash World Tour, it was an easy error of Peter. My plan had worked. It was a terrible point, but I knew I could improve and he was playing awful – as expected after 3 hours of cycling. I could already taste the delicious cheeseburger. Medium or medium rare?

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