So far we only managed to play one match per trip. But the idea of the Squash World Tour had always been – like the name suggests – to go on tour and play several matches in a short period of time. Because Joel and myself both have tight schedules, that’s always been a challenge. We are lucky to announce that we found a date and that it will be our greatest trip so far! 

The ambition: the greatest trip 

We will be visiting three cities in three different countries, play three matches of squash, and all this in only two days! Together with a best-of-three combat at every location, we will check out the cities and act as ambassadors for the great game of squash.

Squash World Tour in Action
Squash World Tour Action

The plan

The trip will take place on April 7 and 8 2018. As we have so far not made it to a country that does not border Austria, and our ambition is to see the world’s squash courts, our first stop will be Croatia. We are going to drive to Zagreb on day one, do our Squash Ambassador Business, and then play match one. The same night we will drive on to Maribor in Slovenia, where the loser of match one pays for Burgers. The next morning, the people of Maribor will be introduced to the Squash World Tour before we head on to play match number two. Later we will move on to our home country of Austria. Close to the Slovenian border in Graz we will face each other for the third time in only two days on court. Hopefully after all this action we will still be able to make our way back home to Vienna.