It took us some time to get back to writing an article for our blog – but here we are. What will it be about? First of all we are announcing the winner of the Squash World Tour 2017: #teamyellow Peter! With twice the number of matches won against #teamorange Joel it was not even close. Peter won by a total score of 2:1 and got this beautiful trophy (at least in Photoshop).

The show will go on!

What are our plans? First of all we are meeting for an unofficial training match soon where we will discuss the details of our next trip. What we know already: we want to go south… Stay tuned for more information!

It’s also time to recap what I have learned on the Squash World Tour so far:

  • Online court reservation is not very common in Slovakia. So if you want to play squash there, you better call the club before you attend – even if there are plenty courts available. Great experience at the FanatiX Sports Center in Bratislava.
  • When you go by bike for more than 90 kilometers and later play a match of squash, don’t cycle back the way. The way from Vienna to Bratislava was not a problem at all – but on the way back I had a very, very hard time.  
  • A squash glass court is much slower than a regular court, so make sure you are in top physical shape when you enter the court. Playing in a glass court was nevertheless a great experience.
  • Don’t do social media postings during a match – it distracts! I was too focused on postings and less on the match, especially after I won the first game.
  • Some airlines do not allow squash rackets in the cabin! Probably they know that my backhand is a weapon!? So if you are planning to travel by plane with hand luggage only, check beforehand whether this is possible with a squash racket. We flew with Air Berlin – maybe that’s a reason why they went bankrupt!?
  • In Germany, you can bring your own sports drinks – backed up by law! On the website of Airport Squash & Fitness in Berlin the following is explained: “Legally we cannot forbid you from bringing your own sports drinks, but nevertheless we don’t like it! Soft drinks and of course alcoholic drinks are no sports drinks and therefore forbidden!”


I’m looking forward to a new season with new experiences!