The Wiener Squash Rackets Verband, WSRV (Viennese Squash Rackets Federation) asked us to visit all squash courts in Vienna. We named this special the WSRV – Squash World Tour – Vienna Edition. After our matches we are rating the clubs in 5 categories: booking, reachability, facilities, court and price.


The second to last squash venue is the home training ground of #teamyellow: C19 in Heiligenstadt. So I knew it would be a tough game here, even after winning 3-0 at Floridsdorf.

I arrived extra early, put on a new grip band and warmed up to be prepared the best I can.

Entering the club it was obvious that there is much more activity on the courts than at most of our previous venues. We had reserved one of the upper courts – with a classic front wall.

We started as usual with our warm-up game and #teamyellow was pleased with the conditions on the court: no sliding, good lighting and what was fine for me: a small nick.

#teamorange taking off

And I started well into the game, after a few minutes I was already leading 5-1. I read #teamyellow’s shots very well and was able to surprise him a few times. But that changed quickly, as #teamyellow won the serve, he was hard to beat, dominating the rallies from the serve on. For some reason I was not able to get the necessary length into my shots and I risked too much, so Peter took the first game 11-6.

I didn’t leave the court, played a few balls to get back my touch – and it paid off! I made the first point already and at my serve 9 followed to a convincing 10-0 lead. I let down my guard a little bit, but finished off with 11-3. I earned a little rest.

The third and fourth game became a battle, while #teamyellow picked up a few “impossible” balls, I started to play some not so smart shots, and all my running was not enough. #teamyellow took the games 11-9 and 11-8 respectively to conclude a 3-1 victory.

I know what I have to do

In retrospect, I see that I can win if I play concentrated and tactically smart. When I serve I can dominate the rallies. And again I saw how important it is to be able to play good drop shots.

I am looking forward to our last match of the Vienna Edition at Sportpark Süßenbrunn and to a short break afterwards to refresh the energy tanks.

Our rating

Booking: Online booking for registered users. But the availability can be checked online for everyone. Also booking via phone for any time in advance is possible. 4,5/5 stars.

Reachability: U4 or railway station Heiligenstad, from there 5 minutes walk. 3,5/5 stars.

Facilities: A bit outdated but functional. The atmosphere is cosy. There is shop, a bar, where food is served as well. 4,5/5 stars.

Court: The courts are in perfect condition. Courts 1 & 2 have classic walls, 3 & 4 wooden front walls. The floors are the best in Vienna, the nick is small. The LED lighting is great as well. 5/5 stars.

Price: We usually compare the price in the evening on weekdays where it’s more expensive in the most places. At C19 the more expensive time (€24,-) lasts only from 5-8 pm and only on weekdays. At all other times it’s €16,- and there are discounts for students. That’s why we award 4/5 stars.


4,5 stars for C19!

Website:, Phone number for booking: +43 1 3702172