As we announced on our social media channels, we are cooperating with the Viennese Squash Federation, the Wiener Squash Rackets Verband, WSRV. Their leader board asked us to play all courts in Vienna to show the squash-community in Vienna where to go. So we came up with the idea of the WSRV – Squash World Tour – Vienna Edition. As we want to provide value, we are going to rate all the clubs in five categories: booking, reachability, facilities, court, price.

Our first battleground of 2019 was chosen to be the FITcom fitness club in Simmering, at the outskirts of Vienna. After a week of intensive endurance training in Gran Canaria  #teamorange was ready for the first battle on the Squash World Tour 2019. Perfectly prepared I showed up 20 minutes earlier to inspect the court and warm up. 

Squash World Tour Simmering
#teamorange happy – photo by Michele Agostinis

Some 10 minutes before the game #teamyellow showed up, spotting me on court already. Confusion on his and the media teams faces.

Before starting we celebrated a belated Christmas: the guys from sent us brand new material to test out! It was all there: strings, grips as well as big sports bags and new rackets sponsored by Dunlop! Thanks guys!
New equipment by & Dunlop – photo by Michele Agostinis

After our 10 warm up points (9-1 #teamorange) our 4th match of the WSRV – Squash World Tour – Vienna Edition began. It started great, I received well and managed to dominate the rallies, making Peter run for every point. He didn’t play as precise as usual, allowing me to pick up most of his drop shots and so I won the first game 11-8.

Thats the way to start the new year! And I continued strong: dominating the rallies, leading 8-4, when suddenly nothing worked anymore… Hitting the tin twice and a few nicks by #teamyellow meant turning the tables, securing him the game 11-8. I was disappointed with my performance and angry at myself for giving away the game too easily. Mainly because I know how much it means mentally to be 2-0 ahead or 0-2 behind.

Anyways, I had to refocus. But #teamyellow was keeping up now. I still dominated the rallies, but also made some mistakes and so a close game went into the tiebreak. Which I won with a little bit of luck 13-11. This helped a lot.

And basically the same pattern continued, and again I won the tiebreak 12-10.

Finally, my first victory on the Vienna Edition!

Knowing that #teamyellow always forgets things and steals shampoo from little children (read more about that), I organized also a little Christmas present for him.

Squash Shower Gel

Our rating

Booking: Our e-mail was ignored. After some days we called and were told, that booking is only possible via phone – but only for the current week. We had to call on Monday to book the court for Tuesday. 1 of 5 stars. 

ReachabilityU3 last stop Simmering plus 10min walk or 1 tram station. 2,5 of 5 stars.

Facilities: It’s basically a fitness club build in a former squash club. There is a sauna (which we didn’t test) and a bar with friendly stuff. There is no food served and no squash shop. 4 of 5 stars.

Court: The one remaining squash court is in really good condition: a classic wall, a small nick, glass back wall. The lines on the floor are a bit improvised and the light could be brighter. 4 of 5 stars.

Price: 19,20 Euro for one hour of squash is a bit cheaper than in other clubs in Vienna. And they have a great deal for fitness members (21,90 per month): unlimited access to the squash court! That’s worth 4 of 5 stars for us!


3 stars for FITcom!

Website: FITcom, Phone number for booking: +4317683757