The best Squash Tee in the world

Squash players all over the world know, that a Squash Tee matters supremely. We wanted to create the sophisticated, minimalist, impeccably tailored and most comfortable Squash Tee in the world. As our first batch of Squash Tees was already awesome, the bar was quite high. We stuck our heads together with the squash enthusiasts from and asked ourselves how to create the best Squash Tee in the world. We consulted the leading squash tee experts as well as evolutionally biologists and data scientists to create the best squash tee in the world, designed especially for the needs of squash players of every age and skill level.

And it payed off!

When you slip into one of the new Squash World Tour Squash Tees, you’ll feel like it was made for you. And that’s because it was!

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© Renate Schwarzmüller
© Renate Schwarzmüller

Advantages of the new Squash Tee

The 100% quick dry, super high tech polyester will dry within no time. The body fit cut achieves an elegant, formfitting silhouette that will make you feel and look like a Superhero. The sharp design with the unique Squash World Tour logo is not only an eye-catcher, thanks to the thoughtfully chosen colors kapow orange and bling-bling yellow your opponents will subconsciously play the ball back to you.

Personal impressions

The Squash World Tour agrees: The second generation Squash Tees is even better than the first! „When I put on the new squash tee for the first time, it felt different than any other tee. A unique feeling of positivity and invincibility flowed me. As I wear tees almost every day for more than 38 years now, I know what I’m talking about“, says Peter #teamyellow.

„I am very happy about our new generation of squash tees! They are lighter and brighter than our first tees. But that’s not all, the tees come with a mystical, supernatural aura of power and strength“, Joel #teamorange describes his experience.

© Renate Schwarzmüller
© Renate Schwarzmüller

Help us to help squash

Getting you one of the greatest Squash Tees in the world will not only help you play better squash – with each purchase you are supporting our idea to gain popularity of our beloved game of squash all over the world! It’s your chance to do something for the world wide reputation of the game. Now you no longer need to complain about the decline of squash players, squash courts or media coverage – Just order one of our Squash Tees and we will take care of the rest!

Squash World Tour – #teamorange Tee#teamyellow TeePower Set

Lowest price ever

And now the best part: Thanks to our friends from the squash community can benefit from a great price! The second generation Squash World Tour – Squash Tees are available for only €24,90 per shirt! The Power Set (1 #teamorange and 1 #teamyellow Tee) is available for €44,90! Worldwide shipping per order is only €9,-

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Eye Rackets S-Line Squash Shoe Test

The Eye Rackets S-Line Squash Shoes are very popular among squash players all over the globe. Many Pros use them like Karim Abdel Gawad, Paul Coll, Diego Elias, Declan James, Greg Marche, Miguel Rodriguez and many others.

Late in 2018  the popular shoes were introduced on the Squash World Tour. Our partner provided matching shoes for #teamorange and #teamyellow

Test 2: Eye Rackets S-Line Squash Shoes

Obviously neon yellow and atomic peach are perfect fits for #teamyellow and #teamorange. The broad color line is a big plus for the shoe. Currently models in lightning blue, electric purple, ice white, night storm navy, black carbon and hot pink are available as well.

The shoe should be ordered one size bigger than usual, as it comes a bit small. The cut is a good fit for players with a wide forefoot. While #teamyellow is satisfied with the stability, #teamorange sometimes feels unstable in the Eye Rackets S-Line Squash Shoes. 

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After 3 months on the Squash World Tour the Eye Rackets S-Line Squash Shoes do not show any signs of breaking. 

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Testing the echo/2XP Squash Ball Buffer

Today we are testing a tool to refurbish used squash balls:  echo/2XP. We want to thank for providing the product for the test.

Test 2: Squash Ball Buffer

The echo/2XP is a tool to buff worn squash balls to extend the ball’s lifespan. Basically you are rubbing off a very small layer of the surface to bring back the grip to the ball. Generally speaking we like the concept of repairing things over just buying new ones – that’s why we gave it a try! The second version of the product, made in USA, is now available in Europe for about €45,-.

Find out how it works, check out our video:

We think the echo/2XP is a useful tool to refurbish squash balls. It definitely extends the playability of squash balls by removing the slick surface of used balls! Theoretically the process can be repeated multiple times, but keep in mind that the product only improves the outer shell of the ball.


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Squash Ball Test

We are starting the new year 2019 with a brand new section: product tests! Thanks to our partnership with the squash shop of our trust, we are able to test different products and share our experience with you! First we wanted to do a squash ball test!

Test 1: Squash Ball Test

We tested 5 balls (yellow double dot) of different brands: Dunlop, Karakal, Prince, Tecnifibre, Victor. We played one game with each ball and ranked the balls afterwards.

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We asked the squash community about heir favorite squash ball – the result was unambiguously:

What's your favorite squash ball

Our opinion

We do agree that the Dunlop ball is a very good ball! But our favorite was another one! Find out more about our squash ball test and which ball we liked best:

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Here some rallies from our squash ball test

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